Tea, Coffee and Spices

Tea and Coffee – of course it´s kosher

Some may ask, what makes tea or coffee non-kosher. The answer is similar to other kosher food and groceries: Pure tea and pure coffee is always kosher in general – as well as fruits and vegetables are. But this is the case only for unprocessed food items. Pure coffee or tea doesn´t come in contact with any non-kosher substances during the entire process of harvesting, refining and production in general.

türkischer kaffee koscher tee koscher orientalische gewürze

However, flavored teas often contain flavorings with unknown origin. It may be kosher, maybe it´s not. The same issue applies with flavored coffee or instant coffee. In addition, some tea and coffee is specially certified for use on the Passover holidays as “kosher for Passover”. Such tea and coffees contain no grain derived additives, such as maltodextrin.

Kosher Spices

With spices, it´s similar as with coffee and tea: spices in their pure form are kosher in general. However, there is an issue with blended spice mixes or processed spices. Non-kosher spice mixes often contain milk derivatives, or the spices will be processed on the same equipment that comes into contact with milk and/or milk derivates. All of our kosher spices are free of dairy of any kind and are produced on plants that do not come in contact with milk or derivatives thereof. They are therefore also suitable for vegans. Of course we also carry spices that are certified as “kosher for Passover”