Bread and Cakes

Kosher baked goods and kosher bread

As well as kosher meat and dairy products, also kosher baked goods are subject to the strict requirements of a controlled and certified kosher production. Basically, kosher baked goods are always free of animal fats and their derivates (from dead animals) – such as animal fat derived emulsifiers in particular. Emulsifiers used in kosher baked goods – so-called mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids – are of 100 % pure vegetable origin and therefore also suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet as well as for Muslims.

Challa koscher kosher bakery

Kosher baked goods and kosher pastries can be according to the Jewish dietary laws subdivided into three subgroups:

  • Kosher baked goods that are free of dairy ingredients, kosher-parve
  • Kosher baked goods that contain dairy ingredients, kosher-dairy
  • Kosher baked goods that are certified as “kosher for Passover”

Kosher baked goods without dairy ingredients – kosher-parve, vegetarian/vegan

The term “kosher-parve” covers all kosher foods that are free of dairy products and milk derivatives, and free of meat products and its derivatives. Kosher-parve means “neutral”, neither meat nor milk. It should be noted that fish is not considered as meat according to Jewish dietary law; it´s also neutral from the standpoint of Kashruth (however, fish isn´t used in kosher bakery and biscuits). Eggs and honey are also neutral – kosher-parve, and will occasionally used in kosher baked goods. However, some of our products are also free from eggs and honey, and therefore suitable for a vegan diet.

Also people with intolerance to lactose can rely on kosher-parve certified bakery products (in this case, however, one should note the manufacturer’s advise for consumers with a special dietary requirement). If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Kosher baked goods with dairy ingredients – vegetarian and kosher-dairy

For kosher baked goods that contain dairy ingredients, the same rules apply according the use of animal fats and its derivates, like with all kosher products. “Kosher-dairy” products contains dairy ingredients, such as butter, cream, cream cheese or milk derivates Kosher-dairy biscuits and cakes may contain eggs and honey as well. They are a therefore suitable for an ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet.

>Kosher for Passover – Matzo

For the seven or eight days of the Jewish Passover holidays, the consumption of sourdough and leaven baked goods is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies as well for all food products that contain any of the five grains wheat, spelt, barley, rye and oats that underwent a fermentation process during manufacturing, such as bread. Baked goods for Passover are produced either completely without the use of grain (and are therefore suitable for people with celiac disease), or from special baked matzo flour, that cannot ferment. Kosher baked goods for Passover are usually available some weeks prior to the holiday.

Kosher for Passover matzo is an unleavened flat bread (similar to crisp bread), which is specially baked for Passover and only available prior to the Passover holidays.