Kosher Meat

Kosher Meat Products

Kosher meat products such as fresh meat, but also kosher smoked sausage are among the main business areas of the Lampari Vertriebs-GmbH. As an trader of meat products from European countries and from Israel, we offer our customers a wide range of products.

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Kosher meat products are lactose free

A crucial aspect of the kosher diet forbids the consumption of milk and meat at the same time or one after another. This elemental rule is respected even today, also by Jews with a less orthodox background. Non-kosher meat products, i.e. sausages, often contain milk derivatives like lactose.

Kosher sausages and other meat products that are produced according to Jewish dietary laws under the supervision of a recognized rabbinate are in contrast 100% free of lactose and other milk constituents. Thus kosher meat products are not just suitable for a kosher diet, but also for people with intolerance to lactose.

The process of kosher slaughtering

Few things are discussed as controversial as the method of kosher slaughter. Muslims, on the other hand, also see themselves repeatedly exposed to misunderstandings and prejudices when it comes to slaughtering according to Muslim dietary laws, which only slightly differs from the Jewish slaughter. The Hebrew word used for the Jewish way of kosher slaughtering is “shechita”. The shechita is always done without anesthetization, as an animal that has been stunned by captive bolt or electrical shock, is considered injured and may no longer be consumed. In the case that the animal dies from the anesthetization process, it is not considered killed by the shechita. It would have the status of an already dead animal that is according to the Jewish law forbidden for consumption.

Depending on the point of view of opponents and supporters or neutral institutions, experts come to a different conclusion on the issue of kosher slaughtering without anesthetization and the question, whether or not this way of slaughtering an animal is the most humane way of slaughtering. The laws of the shechita are very strict. Thus, only a specially trained butcher, a shochet must perform the shechita. This person must be God-fearing as well as educated both in the divine commandments, and with the proper handling of the animals to be slaughtered.

The knife, which is used for the shechita, must be immaculate, without any damage. This has to be strictly checked before each new shechita. Before performing the shechita, a blessing is obligatory, to slaughter the animal – as in Islam – in the name of God. The shechita itself is carried out with a single quick cut to make sure that the blood supply to the animals brain is cut directly, such as the windpipe. The immediately state of shock prevents the animal from feeling pain. By the way, according to the state law, the process of kosher slaughtering is observed by a state veterinary, which monitors the shechita and ensures compliance with the states slaughtering guidelines.