Kosher Spirits and Liqueur

Kosher brandy, vodka and obstler

Not only kosher wine, but also other alcoholic beverages such as brandy, vodka, obstler and liqueur is permitted in Judaism – in moderate consumption. With kosher alcoholic beverages it is like with all other kosher food products: The ingredients and the process of production is crucial.

Kosher brandy may not be distilled from non-kosher wine. Whiskey, which was certified as kosher may not be mature in oak barrels, in which previously non- kosher wine was stored. The same applies for kosher fruit brandies.

Kosher liqueurs

Liqueurs do often contain a number of ingredients in addition to alcohol, particularly flavorings and colorings. A popular red dye is carmine (also known as food additive E120), which is added to some liqueurs. Carmine is made from female scale insects. As the consumption of insects is prohibited in Judaism, is the consumption of beverages containing carmine is also prohibited.

For the production of kosher liqueurs only kosher ingredients must be used. Except for kosher liquors that contain milk or dairy ingredients, are kosher alcoholic beverages we carry are kosher-parve and therefore suitable also for vegetarians and vegans.

Kosher for passover

As the consumption of grain and grain derivates is prohibited during the seven or eight days of the Passover holidays, whiskey for example, is not kosher for Passover. The same applies to liqueurs. If the alcohol was distilled from grain, it is forbidden for consumption during Passover. A number of our brandy, vodka obstler and liqueur meets the specific requirements for the Passover holidays and is kosher for Passover.