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On the following pages we would like to invite you to learn more about our company, the Lampari Vertriebs-GmbH, and about our products.

Lampari – more than just kosher in Berlin

Since 2005, we are in the field of kosher foods in Berlin – with growing success! Berlin is not only the most multicultural city in Germany, but also the home of one of the largest Jewish communities in Germany. In Berlin, our company has long been known for “kosher food Berlin“.

But even outside the German capital our company has become a solid and recognized business partner in the import business and distribution of kosher food.

Kosher Food – a growing market

Kosher food – food products and groceries that have been certified by a recognized rabbinate – have recently found its way into German food stores. Kosher products are not only in demand by Jewish customers. There´s a significant proportion of non-Jewish consumers with an increasing demand for kosher food products in Germany.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons also for non-Jewish customers to choose kosher alternatives: Due to the Jewish dietary laws which require the strict separation of meat and dairy products, many kosher foods are also suitable for a vegetarian or even vegan diet. Meat-free, vegetable alternatives to meat (usually these are ovo-lacto-vegetarian) gain high attention and attractively among vegetarians. Some of our products, such as kosher wines and non-dairy milk substitutes are also certified for a strictly vegan diet.

On the other hand, kosher meat products are free from diary of any kind – and are therefore suitable for customers with lactose intolerance, as meat products are 100% free of milk and its derivates.

We invite you to learn more about our company, about kosher food and the possibility of cooperation.

Your Lampari team